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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual directors come alongside individuals who desire to attend to the presence of God.  I assist directees to help listen to God and to navigate through spiritual challenges.  It differs from counseling or pastoral care in that relationship that is being nurtured is the one between the directee  and God. Counseling generally is concerned with one’s relationship with the past, relationships, or families in crisis. Spiritual direction is not focused on ‘fixing’ something, within direction one’s focus is on development and growth of one’s on going  relationship with God.  The spiritual direction I practice is Christocentric and Trinitarian in nature.  Spiritual direction has been practiced since the early centuries after Christ’s ascension.  Spiritual direction is not a disconnected mystic experience rather it is honing one’s ability to hear the Spirit of God who is our counselor and advocate.

Spiritual Direction is helpful in…

  • Deepening your prayer life
  • Cultivating a deeper relationship with God
  • Increasing awareness of God in everyday life
  • Developing a life of attention and reflection to one’s spiritual journey
  • Guiding through challenges in our Christian walk





Church Leader Soul Care

Jesus Christ is the Great and Good Shepherd.  Pastors, ministers, church leadership and para-church leaders work as under-shepherds to the local church flock and community.  Many leaders lack sufficient peer relationships that enable them to share openly and honestly with others.  Being in varied pastoral positions for over 25 years allow me to provide confidential and empathetic care.  With a background in therapy, spiritual direction, pastoral care I am able to speak into a number of different experiences and difficulties.  Perhaps you just need a spiritual confidant, someone you need to share your…

  • your personal or professional desires
  • personal concerns
  • personal growth
  • Staff/elder relationships
  • marriage and family struggles
  • Spiritual journey

If you are unable to afford direction, I offer a sliding scale for those involved in ministry.  You may also have my services included in your benefit package from the church or organization.  You could also include it in your continuing education budget.

I look forward to walking with you,


Mark Goins



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