“Cecelia Overhold forgave her husband Roy now and again as they traveled the broken terrain of their marriage” from Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry.

When you walk through difficult woods, recently plowed fields, or a broken sidewalk your attention goes to your footing.  If your journey is long through such difficult areas it can become cumbersome and frustrating.  We can be so consumed with care in which we walk that can be distracted by the beauty and peace around us.  While hiking in the Grand Canyon on ice is was often concerned about my next step, rightly so, but when walking in the canyon you literally miss the changing view of splendor.

I have met and walked with many people who are traveling the broken terrain of life and forget to look up and be reminded of the goodness of life, community, and beauty.

As a soulgardener, my hope and desire is to help others to pick their eyes up from their difficult journey and see the hope of walking with the One who gives peace and beauty to their life.

Mark Goins