If you would like to get started, please contact me. You may do so by phone or e-mail. Our first meeting is free of charge in order to see if working together appears to mutually agreeable and healthy.


The Process:

You may have come to this site seeking help, guidance, or direction.  For over 25 years I have been walking beside people on their journey.  Sometimes people are in the midst of great challenges, sometimes frustrating family situations, and other times people are looking for help to find a more spiritually satisfying experience in their walk with God.   If you find yourself in one of these life situations then I would enjoy the opportunity to come along side you in your journey.  We will first meet an allow us to get to know each other and decided if meeting with me is the right conversation to have at this time or if I can help you connect with someone who could meet your needs better.  If we decide to move on then we will schedule a time to continue meeting. My desire is to provide a continuum of care for each client.  For some that means moving from a life currently overwhelmed with challenges to a life that is full and content.  Having experience in therapeutic counseling, pastoral counseling, pastoral care, and  spiritual direction allows me to be helpful in each of these areas of life.  I look forward to meeting with you…

Mark Goins