The Enneagram also called the “9 Types” is a personality test that is 100’s of years old. It is a helpful tool that helps to easily define your type in easy to understand terms. It helps identify strengths and your basic struggles. It is able to inform you of how to help others communicate with you and self-affirming phrases that lead to growth and less conflict.  The enneagram is also helpful to identify work that would be pleasing to you and also what you should avoid.

Business applications are also available. I am available to give the assessment to your staff and provide follow up to individuals and especially to managers to help with conflict or to help build teams to increase productivity.

  • Business Application with follow-up
  • Develops strong relationships
  • Includes “how to speak to me” tips
  • Self-help encouragements
  • Marriage enrichment
  • Personal direction: work, relationships,  and guidance